Gemstonz - Silver and gemstone jewellery
We search far regions of the world to find exquisite and special pieces as well as manufacturing to our own designs following modern and classical trends. Based in southern Spain we have access to local artesans and international manufacturers to give you that something special and unique... We especially search for designs that enhance the natural beauty of the material.
Beautifully simple, always elegant... fluid lines and twisted curves... lush silver pieces that will span your entire wardrobe.
Sea inspired pieces include Paua shell (Abalone), Sponge coral, and mother of Pearl.
Designs collected from the far flung corners of the Earth to enhance your wardrobe...
Our Earth inspired range includes semi-precious stones, and fossils.
Modern and classical designs hand picked to give you that something special...
My on-line shop includes paypal shopping baskets to give you complete peace of mind that our transactions will be totally safe. Please see my terms and conditions on the 'contact us' page
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